2002-03-26 14:00:10 ET

I feel like shit, and my stomach hurts. I just woke up and people are nagging at me trying to get me to eat. Who the hell eats when the first wake up ? gah. I can't eat until about 5 hours after I wake up. Oh well. I like bitching at the world.

2002-03-26 14:01:22 ET

Who the hell wakes up at 7pm???

2002-03-26 14:03:26 ET

I know lots of people who eat within an hour of waking up.

2002-03-26 14:36:55 ET

and the world likes to give you things to bitch about.

2002-03-26 14:49:14 ET

Xan you must not eat!!! You don't need food to survive.

2002-03-26 14:58:06 ET

Thanks Mr Fiend. Thats what I was thinking. I don't need food! nope not me. Which is why I hardly ever eat. Or not. I never get hungry anyways.

2002-03-26 15:53:17 ET

But Xanithe, if you never eat your meat you'll never get any pudding.

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