my picture
2002-05-09 10:49:53 ET

you know.. That picture is like 7 months old now, I don't look anything like it anymore. Oh well!

2002-05-09 10:52:15 ET

Upload a new pic, then?

2002-05-09 10:59:06 ET

Digi cam sucks no work bad = bad no work bad

2002-05-09 11:25:43 ET

I don't look like my pic anymore either. I'll upload some new juicy ones soon.

2002-05-09 21:44:31 ET

I look absolutely nothing like my pics but I have no new ones :(

2002-05-12 18:45:51 ET

I put 2 new ones up now!

2002-05-15 09:58:11 ET

So scan non-digital cam pictures like I do.

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