Help Xani study for a test
2002-10-15 08:05:08 ET

Quick! Everyone tell me everything you know about switches, bridges, routers, tranceivers, hubs, and repeaters!

2002-10-15 08:06:34 ET

I can tell you that lots of stuff likes to go through them!
and they like to route stuff to other stuff
and have more stuff
go through the other stuff

2002-10-15 09:26:48 ET

lets see, switches turn stuff off and on, bridges go over stuff, routers route things, transceivers tranceive things, hubs connect a bunch of things and repeaters repeat stuff. i hope this was informative

2002-10-15 09:40:20 ET

HUBs allow more than one computer to connesct to the smae port for internet access.

2002-10-15 12:58:50 ET

They are all network thingies.

2002-10-17 14:52:32 ET

Good one Syko! =D

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