Pictures of ME
2002-03-27 00:26:13 ET

Ok, since you all haven't asked, I decided to put up the two decent pictures of myself that I have. Not much of a variety I know, but It's hard to get different types of pictures of yourself when you're taking them.

2002-03-27 00:37:09 ET

Pictures are nasty, aren't they?

2002-03-27 02:00:16 ET

OOMPH. I should probably also add that these pictures are a bit old, and I never wear my hair down like that. w00t

2002-03-27 02:43:39 ET


2002-03-27 03:25:52 ET

damn right baybeeee!

2002-03-29 12:54:21 ET

The pics aren't here!!!!!!!!!!

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