2002-11-14 17:46:31 ET

I hate learning IP addressing... blah this sucks! I don't wanna know how to turn ip addresses to binary code, I don't wanna be able to learn how to request IP addresses from ARIN. *cry*

2002-11-14 17:47:12 ET

but IP addresses are fun and make the world go round . :(

2002-11-14 18:18:27 ET

What's so difficult about it? If you want to have a future in networking, you're gonna need to understand addressing schemes. And if you think IPv4 is confusing, wait 'till you get to yer IPv6 chapter. ;)

2002-11-14 18:25:27 ET

I'm kidding. I rather like IP addressing. However, I needed to make a post and felt like saying it sucked. Understand my weird brain yet? Good.

2002-11-14 18:26:18 ET

I am however, close to getting less than an A in this Cisco class, which is bad. Thats where the 'it sucks' attitude came from.

2002-11-14 18:38:21 ET

Also, the networking is only one side of the computers that isn't my favorite. My interest goes with installing shtuff, troubleshooting, and random things like that.

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