3rd entry within 30 minutes?
2002-03-28 04:21:18 ET

I'm feeling strange. Nothing is wrong. But I just lost any desire to give a fuck about anyone in the world. For all of you who are having bad lives right now, GOOD! I hope it gets worse and you DIE. I don't think I've ever felt this way before. Wow. It's such a great feeling.

2002-03-28 04:27:41 ET

Come to think of it. I have this feeling all the time. But its stronger now. maybe because its 9:29 in the morning and I haven't slept yet.

2002-03-28 07:00:50 ET

Sniffle. Do you really hate me? =[

2002-03-28 21:32:09 ET


2002-03-29 00:37:09 ET

Hey guess what? I feel real happy and nice now. I love you all. Ignore this journal entry.

2002-03-29 03:08:05 ET

so i'm all "oh my me! a boy! finding ME attractive!?" but then i read all his entries. someone left him a picture of a naked fat girl and he said he was gonna be sick. then in another entry he talks about his fat fuck cousin.

so i'm left wondering...is this boy just a prick? pretending to find me attractive while puking looking at my pictures? or what?


2002-03-29 03:16:46 ET

y0 xan,i hate the w0rld too. thank god for web-based message forums.

2002-03-29 12:48:25 ET

Xanithe hates me -Sniff- No pixie dust for him. (Goes off and cries in a corner)

2002-03-30 00:28:51 ET

I don't hate you all! Jeez people. Didn't I just to ignore this whole journal entry? And Sparky, you're cute. I love the hair, and no I don't hate fat people! My cousin was just..a little...... TOO fat. ANd it wasn't just the fat that bothers me, it was everything else about him also. The way he twitches, and smells like SHIT.

2002-03-30 05:36:51 ET

i can personally vouch for xanxan's character. he is not a prick. you see, his name rhymes with yanyan.

2002-03-30 13:06:43 ET

so now my name is sparky...interesting. hmmm...so how was the rest of your night??

2002-03-30 20:09:28 ET

Okay Xanithe, just don't let it happen again, or you shall never be horny again. :sprinkles Xanithe with horniness-inducing pixie dust:

2002-03-30 20:20:47 ET

Sorry, it didn't work. No horny for me.

2002-03-31 01:49:31 ET

no horny for you? hmmm...

2002-04-17 09:54:14 ET

Must need more. Just steal some of Mr. Fiend's horniness.

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