2002-12-16 16:08:31 ET

This vacation is turning out to be sooooooo boring. I just tried to replay Final Fantasy Eight, before realizing that the people making it must have been on crack while doing so. I've never not enjoyed a game as much as Final Fantasy Eight. Ah well, a week or so until Christmas, and I think I can finally test out Final Fantasy Ten.

I wish someone would call me :( I dun like sitting around this much doing nothing. I want to go back to school already *whine*

2002-12-16 16:13:09 ET

i've always enjoyed FF7 more then 8 and i also enjoyed FF6 more then 8 aswhile

2002-12-16 16:22:39 ET

nine and six were my favorites. Loved those games. Eight is a joke, really.

2002-12-16 16:24:09 ET

lol, i never liked the way you had to do magic in that game, oh i thinnk i've beaten 6 about 5 times with a different group of fighters each time

2002-12-16 16:32:39 ET

I thought that was the only cool thing about Eight, the draw system was fun. But that was about it. It did make things a bit tedious during boss fights.

2002-12-16 16:56:16 ET

i prefer fast action fighting

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