if I were a final fantasy job class...
2002-12-18 13:07:08 ET


the famed master of black magic.

"efficient"; funny-looking; intelligent
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

2002-12-18 16:02:35 ET

you are such a geek..................................by the way i was the ninja

2002-12-18 20:25:48 ET

I'm not a geek! I've just been playing Final Fantasy since I was six or seven. If they made a Final Fantasy game that consisted of two men jerking off for an hour, I'd buy it. It would be tradition.

2002-12-18 20:58:42 ET


a mage who uses white magic to heal and defend comrades.

gentle; protective; mild
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

2002-12-18 21:20:38 ET

its ok, i understand, ive playing since the first one myself

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