2002-12-31 11:14:04 ET

Silent Hill 2 is soooooooo fucking scary. Just like the first one I think. Whenever I turn the power off, I'm always reluctant to turn it back on. =D I guess thats the sign of a scary game for me, since I -don't- get scared. At least christmas didn't suck as bad as I thought it would. I loooooooove my new playstation 2. And Final Fantasy X rocks.

2002-12-31 11:18:22 ET

I don't get scared that easily either, and Silent Hill frightened me. *eep*

2002-12-31 11:34:49 ET

Silent Hill is a great game. I havent tried SH2 but i think i would enjoy it.

*imagines with his surround sound*

2002-12-31 11:45:06 ET

LOL, the only game that got to me like that was probably the first Resident Evil, I made sure someone was always home when I'd play it.

2002-12-31 11:46:31 ET


2002-12-31 14:37:33 ET

silent hill 1 and 2 is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy scary!
ff10 is amazing :D

2003-01-02 11:42:01 ET

Resident Evil wasn't nearly as scary as Silent Hill. You'd always dread going to the 'alternate' place in Silent hill. not to mention the not being able to see part. (Because of that damn fog) But Resident evil always had those files you could read, and I LOVED those. I'm not sure, but I think Silent hill 2 is a bit scarier than the first, simply because of the new sounds, and freaky monsters everywhere.

2003-01-02 11:45:20 ET

I haven't been able to play Silent Hill 2..
What creeped me out about the first one was the fog, and wasn't there creepy music playing? Or maybe that's in Resident Evil Directors Cut where you can go down the stairs to one of those storage rooms and there's creepy lullaby-ish music playing. *shiver*

2003-01-02 11:53:04 ET

Silent hill 2 has it all! I think the sounds they used for Two work really well.. Actually, I got the game three or so days ago, and I still haven't turned the power back on to play it more.....

2003-01-02 12:07:40 ET

Yeah Silent Hill was freaking scary, but I was like 12 when i played Resident Evil, so it did scare the crap outta me. I screamed like a little girl when they showed the first zombie.

2003-01-02 12:08:57 ET

LOL thats great. Yeah, I remember the first time a dog jumped out of a window at me. oh my god that did scare the shit out of me. It was like 3 AM and my first time playing.

2003-01-02 12:12:51 ET

LOL, I was like what the fuck! I think I froze when that happened. Haha when the zombie came out, i was like turn on the lights!!!!

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