Hmm my fun few days
2002-05-24 04:17:08 ET

yay! These past few days have sucked ass, my friends were not even in school, they were passed out drunk and fun stuff like that. Then, to top it off yesterday, I got in a car accident. I HATE airbags. It hit me RIGHT in the face, and now I'm bruised *cry*

2002-05-24 04:21:41 ET

let me get this straight... you're upset that you got in an accident and you only have a bruised face? Holy shit of God man, be glad that that's all that happened.. it could've been so much worse.

2002-05-24 12:47:24 ET

I hate getting into accidents as well.

2002-05-24 13:14:48 ET

Awwwh man. =[

Feel better.

Get somelovin'.

2002-05-24 16:54:20 ET

How the fuck am I going to get some lovin with my boyfriend in Atlanta for the weekend?

2002-05-27 08:47:31 ET

Ya, i almost got in an accident yesterday.

This fucking guy stopped his car in the middle lane of the highway, and was just sitting there, and the car in front of me pulled into the other lane like right before he hit the guy, so i was like oh fuck, cause i didn't see him, but i stopped just in time.

2002-05-28 12:49:33 ET

awwww! I'd kiss it and make it better but I am much too far

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