What kulture are you?
2003-01-12 19:05:44 ET

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MUHAHAHA But *I* am a geek with style!

2003-01-12 19:12:04 ET

i am a geek, too :D

2003-01-12 19:24:12 ET

I am unique...but you already knew that ;)

2003-01-12 19:55:07 ET

a stylish, classy kinda geek. :D

2003-01-12 20:10:24 ET

I missed out on the whole geek thing, mostly because we didn't have pcs in school. that was back in the paleolithic, dontchaknow. ;) and I had to walk a mile to school in a foot of snow, every day, even in the summer!

2003-01-13 18:41:03 ET


2003-01-13 18:43:43 ET

We all just kick ass, don't we?

2003-01-13 18:44:49 ET

yes. yes we do.

2003-01-13 18:50:30 ET

of course we do.

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