2003-01-14 02:20:25 ET

It's 7:22 am. I THINK I just woke up, but I'm not sure. I remember constantly waking up all throughout the night, so I don't know if I actually ever got any sleep. What a nightmare.

2003-01-14 04:31:19 ET

now THAT sounds familiar.

2003-01-14 04:55:36 ET

i blame my snooze alarm when i wake up feeling like that. i know my alarm goes off at 7, but it doesn't wake me up until 8:30. so i know ive been getting up every 9 minutes to turn it off, i just can't remember doing it. yea

2003-01-14 05:00:56 ET

hah hah, that's fucked up, man. :)

2003-01-14 07:57:54 ET

Alarms are pointless. They don't wake me up, I just dream about alarms for three hours. I have to wake up on my own, or my life doesn't work correctly.

2003-01-14 08:57:41 ET


2003-01-16 07:51:52 ET

i eventually wake up sometimes, but it's so beyond the hours of anything decent that i'd just be going to sleep again in an hour

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