Ho diggah!
2003-01-14 20:28:06 ET

As you know, my sykoforums perma-like-title is the "ho digga" If you would like to officially become one of my ho's and get added to the 'ho' list, reply here, and I'll make sure to put sign you up! =D

2003-01-14 20:36:31 ET

i ain't noone's ho, fool!

2003-01-14 20:46:53 ET

Then don't post ya fizzlehead!

2003-01-14 20:59:20 ET

*jumps up and down* me! me! pick me!

sure, why not, i'll be one of your ho's!

2003-01-14 21:24:48 ET

Im a ho, but only for you. everyone else is icky.

2003-01-14 22:36:37 ET

"I'm not a prostitute, but I can give ya what ya want" Fekking Missy Elliot, get outta my head!!!!

2003-01-15 05:24:40 ET

And thank you for spreading that incessantly annoying song to someone else so they can spend the next 5 hours trying to distract themselves from that song... grr.

2003-01-15 13:23:44 ET

Yes, the world will be infected.

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