Underpar intelligence
2003-01-16 08:04:42 ET

it seems that my only friends are either druggie ravers who listen to nothing but this poppy happy upbeat techno shit, or nymphos. Goddamn I can't stand living here any more. people have intelligence thats waaay below standard.

And these people make fun of me, or give me death stares when I don't know who "blah blah whats his fuck" is. Who remixed some shit from braveheart into happy raver techno. Jesus christ, of all the places I could have decided to move and go to college, why did I choose here?

2003-01-16 08:07:36 ET

lol, my housemates consist of:
andy - homosexual manwhore who listens to techno at deafening volumes.
katie - prude of all prudes who doesn't leave the house or believe in having fun.
and kim who i actually get along with.
sounds like my techno manwhore should live with the ppl you live with.

2003-01-16 08:13:25 ET

move to boston. everyone's on some scale of weirdness here, so you can fit int. and always museums and the such to go and find the smart people.

2003-01-16 08:15:08 ET

only if you'll give me a place to live, and help me find a job :)

2003-01-16 11:03:22 ET

hrmm.. well, I guess you could live in my closet, or under my bed. About the same size proportion. (I currently live in a shoebox, a.k.a. dorm room myself). And I'm sure if you sweettalk my boss, who's real kick ass, you could work at the library with me!

2003-01-16 11:10:55 ET

well damn! Lets get together! =D

That means I need the address of the dorm, and your phone number :)

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