Java Tests
2003-01-17 11:07:20 ET

Hmmm java is shaping up to be quite fun. The Intro to wans and routing is just alright. We got to play with the routers today with hyper terminal. Lovely fun!

I got my first test grade back from Java.. written was 89, the program we had to make was a hundred. Turns out together it averages to a 94. Huzzah! I'm seriously thinking about becoming a programmer now. I love it to death.

People keep asking me what I want for my birthday, and I'm unfortunately clueless. The two things I want are the Final Fantasy X OST, and a C++ book. (programming is fun!) like I've said a bajillion times hehe. Oh well, have fun today everyone.

2003-01-17 16:41:47 ET

Hey who's the guy with gray hair from FFX?

2003-01-17 17:52:04 ET

You have to be more descriptive then that. If The guy you're talking about wields a sword, and wears red, then it's Auron. If he has the strangest most gravity defying hair you've ever seen, you're talking about Seymour. Probably Seymour though, he's great ;)

2003-01-18 13:44:26 ET

oh programming is all fun at first till you have to search through 400 pages of code to find one error then its not fun

2003-01-18 14:49:19 ET

when you compile Java, the compiler tells you pertty much the errors. Or you can just block comment everything out until you find everything.

2003-01-18 15:19:11 ET

then you have a nice compiler not all will do that

2003-01-18 15:29:17 ET

well, I go along and compile every new line of code I add, so if there is a problem, I'll know fast.

2003-01-19 07:32:22 ET

i see

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