Damn Muds
2003-01-20 07:11:55 ET

I hate muds, I really do. More specifically, I hate Aetolia. I can't stay away.. I guess I have no life eh? But it's just so damn fun..

Grand Duke Xanithe Nebre'seir (male Imp)
You have achieved level 80 (Satusian) and are 6% of the way to the next level.
Health: 3500/3500 Mana: 3740/3740
Endurance: 16400/16400 Willpower: 17470/17600
You are ranked 14th in Aetolia.
You are the 35th ranked combatant.
You roam the land without citizenship.
Your class is that of a Vampire.
You are not in a guild.
You are a Terran Master in the Fellowship of Explorers
You are a member of the clan called 'Citizens of Tasur'ke.'
You are a member of the clan called 'The Consanguine Imperium.'
You are a member of the clan called 'House Nebre'seir.'
You are Neutral.
You are able to take on proteges.
You are 41 years old, having been born on the 10th of Khepary, year 49 of the
Midnight Age.

2003-01-20 07:47:49 ET

Muds are one of the most addictive evil things ever. I used to run one. I have spent more time on muds than anything else in my life I think. Graphical MU*'s ala Everquest scare me.

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