2003-01-23 05:42:27 ET

Well, I've actually started working on music again.. Thanks for the inspiration I needed, Doom, Loki, Keramic (I think). I downloaded buzz the other day to try to learn that...but I don't like it. Fruity loops would be just fine, I just need a little more stuff to use for samples and whatnot. Perhaps I'll invest sometime whenever I get a job. Ah well.... This year is going to be interesting for my birthday, I told everyone I wanted stuff, and now I've changed my mind and want something else. Ha. I feel like I'm twelve again, with so many things that would be nice to have. money is tight this year too, so I have a few things that won't be done that I wanted to have done. I might still be able to donate to, but I'm not sure yet.. Dunno who is giving me money or whatnot.

Well... if any of you care to hear what I've started working on, IM me, and I'll send it to you. Have fun!

2003-01-23 10:45:15 ET

send here, my bf and i are in the process of making music and are interested in hearing new things you know...
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