2003-01-30 08:05:41 ET

yes, unfortunately, I just realized that half the friends I have, are COMPLETE FUCKING MORONS. Anti cloning too! How can ANYONE be against cloning?! Science is so beautiful, and yet people don't wish to go as far as you possibly can. But thats not the reason why I think they're idiots, they just are... you know what I mean, ex ravers, always talk about how much sex/how drunk they used to get. I can't stand that :/

On a lighter note, I had a fun birthday. We went out to El Sombrero (if I'm spelling that right) And I got the soundtracks to final fantasy six, nine, and ten!!!!!! Such beautiful music, it always makes me cry.

2003-01-30 08:49:37 ET

sounds like the birhtday was great, heres to FF themes.


2003-01-30 08:58:40 ET

glad you had a fun birthday!
and, i'm against human cloning...way too fucking creepy.

2003-01-30 09:15:58 ET

science can be creepy. Yet, to create a human, or anything else, an exact replicate! How is that not... beautiful?

2003-01-30 09:21:33 ET

i never said it wasn't beautiful ;) i think it's amazing. but, it just doesn't seem right to me.

2003-01-30 11:16:50 ET

happy late birthday!! <3

2003-01-30 11:27:28 ET

I'm against cloning another human being, and I also oppose the cloning of complete animals.

To clone an organ, or other such life saving devices is the beauty of science.

To clone a human being is the atrocity of mankind.

2003-01-30 11:50:49 ET

Now ask them what their views on abortion are!

Clone on, brother.

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