why me?
2002-05-28 16:01:11 ET

This is insane, I finally got out of my little 'hole' and got friends, go to school, and all that other fun stuff. But here is what I come up with... about 10 people who think they are "feral/vampire wiccans" I mean.. what the FUCK is this?! They have a coven, and they slit each others wrists with razor blades and drank each others blood and stuff.. This is the type of thing that makes me wonder... I came out of my hole for THIS?!

Then there is the shit with my sorta boyfriend fuck buddy...

I finally have the girl point of view on sex *cheer* He bothers me constantly about sex and stuff, so we start doing something and I'm just like... JESUS FUCK why don't you get off already?! You're BORING the hell out of me.

Anyways, this is my sick little world, I hope to god you never visit me.

2002-05-28 16:18:37 ET

Vampire loser fuckhead goths suck, Go find yourself some rivetheads to stomp around with.

2002-05-28 17:02:32 ET

It is because you are in the south. For some reason the Vampire kids all live there.

2002-05-29 12:40:53 ET

Are you serious? HERE?! fuck. I need to leave then, I want rivetheads, and all these people dance like little faeries to industrial music! OMG run for you life......

2002-05-29 17:14:59 ET

You need to head to a metropolitan area to find rivetheads. Just don't go to south Florida. That is where all the Vamps cluster in the highest density.

2002-05-30 07:44:07 ET

scary. Atlanta, I want to go back... and thats all I have to say on that subject.

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