people are such losers.
2003-02-06 12:18:38 ET

My friend used to be completely clean, never did drugs or anything. I try to get a ride up to this club I want to go to (because one of my friends djs there every thursday nights) but nooooooo, he's not driving, he's going with a group of friends so he can fucking drink. That annoys me, I should go there and tell police just to fuck with him...

2003-02-06 12:24:42 ET

You should.
I'm for a good narcing.

2003-02-06 13:17:25 ET

i have been on both sides of the fence

but it goes against my nature to judge that which i do not know

so i set about trying to know it.. it started with drinking to understand my best friend and my mom better.. who were both becoming alcoholics.. i thought that if i went where he was i could pull him out from it.. i almost did. then worse demons got ahold of him and took him to a place where i know i cannot follow...

my roommate does the straight and narrow.. but i'm not sure if she does it out of conviction, or just habit, or a need to feel better than everyone else.

maybe one day i'll get fed up and ask the drugs to give me my brain cells back so i can write my book.

2003-02-06 13:21:20 ET

it's nothing about the drinking, I drink once in a while. It's the fact that he's going to be out having fun while I'm here sitting on my ass doing nothing. Therefore he should suffer, which would make me quite happy :)

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