ahh the fun of dating( with idiot friends)
2003-02-13 08:18:54 ET

So my friends were going out tomorrow. One of them had a friend that needed a date. I decided to be nice, and since I never get out of the house, I thought ahh.. what the hell. Yet, today, I'm told that they told her I was 6'3 and weighed two hundred pounds! Hahaha! I wonder how I'm going to pull this off eh? "Sorry, Matt was sick, but I'm his brother, the other Matt. I'll be your replacement date instead"

This is going to be interesting.

2003-02-13 08:49:58 ET

stilts and a muscle suit can be purchased at any halloween or joke store...

2003-02-13 13:01:22 ET

Buy platform shoes and order 50 big mac meals at McDonald's.

2003-02-13 19:27:55 ET

Platform boots, a pillow, some foam, and duct tape....s'all you need.

2003-02-14 05:08:14 ET

Hard to buy duct tape, everyone has already bought it becuase of the high terror alert, and Police are checking IDs at the door of my college.

2003-02-14 09:08:50 ET

Police are checking IDs at the hospital I intern at and have classes in as well.

2003-02-21 08:02:12 ET

I once told someone that I was a 500 pound shut in with no teeth and a scorching case of back acne. Ahhh, fun stuff.

Sorry to hear about the I.D. nazis. :(

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