2003-02-21 07:59:58 ET

apparently I'm closed minded according to country music boy. I find that amusing..

2003-02-21 08:03:22 ET

I hate it when people say that.. just because you don't happen to like a certain kind of music that makes you closed minded? *rolls eyes*

2003-02-21 08:48:45 ET

yes you must be a bigot. heh.

2003-02-21 18:28:25 ET

Why did he say you are close-minded?

2003-02-22 10:04:51 ET

it's not too much of an insult to be called closed minded from someone who enjoys country music though and is an ex-thug raver

2003-02-24 10:52:09 ET

nobody ever said he likes country music. He just uses to get a girl horny supposedly.

2003-02-24 18:20:53 ET

well it's not complimentary to a female when men do cheesy shit like that...usually only cheap slutty chicks would get turned on by some freak thug raver er ex thug raver playing some god awful country music to get laid...somethings very wrong there

2003-02-24 18:46:58 ET

sick. just sick.

2003-03-03 17:13:11 ET

my husband sings me a few country music songs to be romantic and im not slutty.
I have a question though If he called you close minded because you dont like country music wouldnt he in fact be close minded because he is making a statment without putting any resonable thought into it?
P.S. He sounds like a poser to me and he likes to be what every one else thinks is cool. Ibet if he spent to much time in any forum he would turn into that

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