2003-03-05 10:35:22 ET

should I shave head or not?

2003-03-05 10:39:13 ET

If it is a question of should I or not. No.

2003-03-05 10:41:46 ET


2003-03-05 11:33:28 ET

Crop it!

2003-03-05 11:39:41 ET

fock it?

2003-03-05 11:41:44 ET

flock of seagulls it!

2003-03-05 11:43:21 ET

No, keep it.

Long hair is awesome(not that I would know)

2003-03-05 11:51:00 ET

Nah, keep it like it is

2003-03-05 12:46:13 ET

Yes! Hair-be-gone! You know you want to join all the cool people with no hair. :-P

2003-03-05 13:55:58 ET

do what you want.... no flock of seagulls though

2003-03-06 04:26:35 ET

what.. in the hell is flock of seagulls?

2003-03-06 05:48:03 ET

i say :

are you outta yer freakin mind?!$#!*&!!!

2003-03-06 06:42:46 ET

eh? Out of my mind about which part? shaving the head? As in should I keep it?

I'm probably going to keep it, I'm just getting input from people :)

2003-03-06 06:45:57 ET

i think you should keep it..or do dreadlocks ;)

2003-03-06 06:50:18 ET

well, the woman hath spoke. The hair will remain the same =D

2003-03-06 12:10:53 ET

:: laffs and taunts :: he doesn't know who flock of seagulls are! ::laff::

good. You wouldnt look right with it shaved, methinks.

2003-03-06 12:29:09 ET


2003-03-06 13:15:58 ET

Ask me on the right day, and I wouldn't know who the hell the president of the US IS. I suck with names, and even more with people or things that will never have an effect on my life :)

2003-03-06 13:16:32 ET

Well, ok, well you're not missing out on anything by not knowing who Flock of Seagulls are.

2003-03-06 13:41:03 ET

BS, Flock of Seagulls Ownz

2003-03-06 13:45:41 ET

nuh uh.

2003-03-06 13:47:26 ET

They are the salvation of every broken hearted 80's boi in the world! How dare thee take them lightly!

2003-03-06 14:32:58 ET

Cut your hair, it'll get you chicks

and this is the Flock o' Seagulls

2003-03-06 14:45:56 ET

The dude who is second from the right has awesome hair.

2003-03-06 15:03:47 ET

If you plan on flying south for the winter maybe.

2003-03-06 15:17:33 ET

and i ran


ps, before flock of seagulls was a band known for their spinny video and ridiculous hair, it was slang for "full of shit." NOW YOU KNOW!

2003-03-06 19:57:59 ET

Doom speaks de truth. The long haired pansy look is so passe.

2003-03-07 00:40:14 ET

dreadlocks i say.hmm..yeah

2003-03-07 13:49:37 ET

REAL hair is passe.

2003-03-07 14:03:09 ET

i shaved my head once a few years back b/c some beauty school whacko cut my hair into the flat top was horrible but after i shaved it i felt better...besides being called a butched dyke...and various other cruel names but i got over and now my hairs back so go for it, it's only hair

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