2003-03-12 11:56:30 ET

I think I'll be going to england this year for Christmas. I've always wanted to go somewhere away from my family for the holidays, and I've always wanted to go to England too! So if I combine those, I'll have one hell of a christmas!!!

2003-03-12 12:06:34 ET

UK iz cool, though England is only so-so. London is terrific, but other than that, I preferred Scotland.

2003-03-13 11:06:00 ET

Feck.. there is no way that you get to go to England before me!

2003-03-14 08:14:43 ET

my friend lived abroad in englang for maybe almost a year, she came back with an accent and taught me how to enjoy tea time

2003-03-14 08:38:30 ET

LOL really?

2003-03-14 08:54:58 ET

yes she loved it and she said the country is beautiful

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