A switching of my schedule
2002-03-30 00:30:43 ET

I'm almost turned around fully and will be ready to go back to school. Today, I stayed up until 2pm, which I finally went to sleep and woke up at 11. Today I will not go to sleep until around 10-12, and THEN I'll be all turned around and ready. Hurray for sleep!

2002-03-30 03:56:20 ET

how the #@%! did that happen to your schedule in the first place?
are you working the graveyard shift at the 7-11 again? :)

2002-03-30 15:11:42 ET

my schedule is fucked up too. i haven't been to class in over 2 months. yeah. will mimi be back at osu next year? no. she will not. i really should start going...there are only about 7 weeks left though. eeps! i am such a failure.

*runs away to kill herself*

2002-03-30 18:57:50 ET

jerk it.

2002-03-30 20:05:20 ET

Xanithe, you missed your bedtime tonight.

2002-03-31 20:59:17 ET

lmao mat mat mat. mat is 17

2002-03-31 21:01:23 ET

matt matt ratt a tatt tatt

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