Bad day
2002-06-03 10:15:15 ET

bad day, I get horny, ask this 'vampire chick' out, then 30 minutes later I don't want her. Plus I got a 90 on a test. How much worse could my day be? Oh yes! I don't have my computer for the next week!

2002-06-03 10:16:12 ET

haha ... so did the vampire chick say yes?

2002-06-03 10:17:59 ET

of course she said yes
fat.. nasty.. blagh.

2002-06-03 10:21:14 ET

the only reason i'm mad about that, is she's this insecure chick, and I 'convinced' her I had feelings for her, and I don't like all of the sudden in less than a day telling someone, Oh WAIT I was HORNY! never FUCKING mind. Do you understand? Does anyone get this? or is the world _THAT_ fucking dense?

2002-06-03 10:22:05 ET

i understand what you mean ... that sucks :P

just tell her you just wanted some :)

2002-06-03 12:05:28 ET

Obviously she hasn't mastered the first date != relationship thing.

2002-06-03 15:15:55 ET

The art of the one night stand is not understood by some.

2002-06-03 17:48:23 ET

heh, I told her, she hung up on me. Then she calls back and we talk for about 30 minutes, and she tells me all this shit about how she can read my mind and we have a connection, and then she tells me she thinks i'm here one true love. How fucked up is that?

2002-06-03 18:00:26 ET

I've had that happen to me too. Eventually the girl decided I had to be put down and sent these two fat ugly guys to try to kill me. Beware the psycho chicks.

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