2003-03-18 10:23:34 ET

Why must people claim they know the right way? People will spend their entire lives researching what they think is the correct path.. The bible and other religious material is such a laugh.

Unfortunately, nothing can ever be proven. It's sad really.

2003-03-18 10:28:56 ET

Everyone developes their own personal beliefs somehow, whether it be from a certain religion, or from personal experiences. I choose not to impose my beliefs on other people, but always be willing to share my thoughts. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and nothing is coincidence. Some people believe the other way....True, nothing can be proven from any religion, but that is why I try to have faith in my belief.

2003-03-18 10:53:29 ET

we need more avalon julies around :( way too many "holy rollers" if you may try to shove their religion and their beliefs down other peoples's hard to believe something when people are pressing that hard...i believe in what i want but still remain open minded to others

2003-03-18 11:52:25 ET

Because if they didn't believe it enough to push it they would fall apart. Most people rely on religion to make up for things they feel very bad about in their pasts. Belief that they can be redeemed for those things tends to be the thing that keeps those folks going. At least, that's what I see in the majority of the people who preach it.

2003-03-18 15:06:18 ET

They Have actally traced the begins of christianity to one of two senarios.
1) it was created by early egyption slaves as a way to award themselves in an afterlife for all the strife they went through on earth, so they could bear the tourment they recieved
2) it was created by the egyptians so the slaves would listen better the idea of an omnisent, omnipresent god was much more fearful than a rich egyptian.

Either senario still doesnt prove if there is a god, it is one of things we will never no for sure.

in all reality if i was god i wouldnt want people to know i exist. Why would I want everyone to be good because they fear me, they should be good just because.

2003-03-18 23:08:34 ET

I don't really think there's anything wrong with religion persay, but when they try to shove it down peoples throats then it becomes a bad thing. But God and religion can help someone find maybe a little peace to their life, whether God exists or not. Because if they die expecting to go to heaven, but there really is no heaven, what does it matter?

But yeah.. I don't think organized religion is right.. it should be a personal thing. Plus, I don't think any religion has god right. I don't think God is really all what they expect.

2003-03-20 06:28:15 ET

God is prolly like aliens... for both everyone thinks that they know a lot about them and have ideas what they look like, but both prolly look or are not exactly like what peopel think. But I don't beleive in god and I don't think life has a point. I'm just here to live.

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