Touch my penis or no?
2002-06-03 18:17:15 ET

If you want to touch my penis, post a reply, if you don't, don't. Just a poll I want to take! wheee!

2002-06-03 18:19:11 ET

*sits close to you smiling strangly*

2002-06-03 18:20:32 ET

how long is it?

2002-06-03 18:22:29 ET

I'll more than touch it.

2002-06-03 18:23:35 ET

naughty naughty Mr. Fiend

2002-06-04 13:29:04 ET

You haven't seen the picture of it, Mr Fiend?

2002-06-04 17:22:11 ET

I'll rub Tiger Balm on it and watch you scream. :-P

2002-06-09 23:58:16 ET

pulls out icyhot and straps you to the bed and laughs ike a maniac
screaming you ate my baby brother

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