war !
2003-03-23 05:57:17 ET

So... this war is going to be interesting. So far they haven't reached baghdad yet, but I think it's really going to pick up once they do. I really don't have an opinion on it. I'm swaying on a line down the middle between antiwar and going to war to get rid of Saddam. I mean, if we really do want to just get rid of the regime and then help rebuild the place and give out food and money for the people, then I agree with it. Otherwise, if we're just in there for the oil then I'm against it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

2003-03-23 06:14:03 ET

i cant wait till 2013, when all the reprecussions and the true motives for the war are revealed, think theyll errect a shrine in bush's name for deplomacy or Idiocy by then...

2003-03-23 06:22:29 ET

the really scary thought is that in 50 years, you'll look back fondly to the time when there were REAL leaders, like Bush or Clinton. </sarcasm>

2003-03-23 06:34:09 ET

"In my day, we had real presidents, made from 100% real parts, not like these augmented cyber puppets with prosthesis technology like we have today, oh yeah and i remember them having only one wife and various girlfriends, not the other way around " ....
im going back to bed before i attempt another lame (un)comedic cash in with ghost in the shell...
sorry xanithe, i ruined to what was a going to be a very thought provoking and promising post.

2003-03-23 06:43:51 ET

yep. This post is quickly degenrating into what one would consider "lame".

Sorry for my part in it, Matt.

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