Holy shit!
2003-03-24 12:27:56 ET


HAHA! I know this girl! We met briefly up at Ogeechee tech a while ago, and now that I'm sitting in a computer shop with her Ex, he tells me thats her.... Fucking unbelievable. Mmm so sexy in person *but I never said that*

On another note, a couple friends and I are working on creating a computer RPG currently. But instead of working on the game today, I only drank every alcoholic beverage daniel owned. Oops... I usually don't drink at all, buuuuuuut..Today was special. I got a 4.0 this quarter and had to celebrate somehow =D

2003-03-24 12:29:30 ET

I have openly stated that she is the hottest on SK.

2003-03-24 12:30:51 ET


2003-03-24 12:34:40 ET

hahah those pics seriously do not look like her :P

2003-03-24 13:13:08 ET

Really? What does she normally look like?

2003-03-24 13:34:08 ET

My friend just went to Florida with that chick. But it didn't work out, so he's back.

Her coding looks like Nachtrichter's coding. Hmmm

2003-03-24 14:05:08 ET

Yeah, I hear about her exploits from Derek Heheheh.

2003-04-11 17:14:40 ET

Why does it say she doesn't exist?

2003-04-11 20:48:48 ET

well, obviously she doesn't exist any more!

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