True happiness is in impotence.
2003-03-25 06:39:31 ET

I have no feeling in my penis. I have no need for women, no need for men, no need for sex. Willed this way by my own mind.

I am the epitome of... perfection.

2003-03-25 06:46:31 ET

you left out "no" in the need for women, maybe your subconcious mind is trying to tell you something, or maybe this was just intentional....

2003-03-25 06:52:29 ET

it's the keyboard I'm using. The space bar is fucked up, so I must have deleted no. Heh. Thanks

2003-03-25 07:04:21 ET


2003-03-25 12:04:15 ET

you've evolved

2003-03-25 12:30:40 ET

Just come off an all-afternoon fap session? :-P

2003-03-26 09:52:26 ET

Ya, Nuclear. That was what I was trying to do... I'm special I suppose. Now I have to learn how to breed children in test tubes!

2003-03-29 08:29:15 ET

hey it's all about using a turkey baster and some eggs...

2003-04-01 16:40:35 ET


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