Saturday = monday
2003-04-14 15:37:48 ET

Oh my goooooooooood I had sex! Jesus christ.. year and a half, I last an hour, and was no where near done. God this has been a good day.

2003-04-14 15:40:53 ET


way to go slugger!

2003-04-14 15:42:12 ET

*throws some of her flavored condoms at you*


2003-04-14 15:45:13 ET

i love when people post stuff like this.

Good job!

2003-04-14 16:23:38 ET

I saw you sexing in my head right now, interesting stuff.

2003-04-14 16:28:16 ET

Mmm I still smell like her.. I need to get pictures up of her...

2003-04-14 16:29:22 ET

how exciting

2003-04-14 16:31:07 ET

I don't mind the sun sometimes
The images it shows
I can taste you on my lips and
Smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugary
Like softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look
Through other people's eyes.

Ok. Im a dork. It just reminded me of that song

2003-04-14 17:19:44 ET

Good song. and GO XANITHE!

2003-04-14 17:43:29 ET

yeah. just call my name out in bed next time.

2003-04-14 21:21:40 ET

go matt woohoo
you have sex and i get the details
i have sex and you get the details
it's like a sex spreading enviroment in our aim Im's
woohoo enough to give any guy a woody

2003-04-14 23:05:19 ET

can i get in on those conversations? *not a pervert*

2003-04-15 01:57:23 ET

hehehehe.. Nosy nosy nosy! But Sarah is my buddy! I don't know if you are good enuff just yet =P

2003-04-16 10:32:27 ET

hahah well you shared the basic info right off the bat =P I still have that job for you BTW ;)

2003-04-16 16:11:55 ET

I remember see-ee-e-e-e-ee--X.

2003-04-21 10:44:58 ET

A whole hour!
~rabid leash fiend realizes what she passed up by not kidnapping and raping Xanithe last year and cries~

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