2003-05-19 07:38:23 ET

Hmm I'm engaged.. going to be married in the next two years. Happy happy joy joy. What a nice day.

2003-05-19 07:51:22 ET


I was wondering what happened to you :)

2003-05-19 07:53:41 ET


2003-05-19 08:22:38 ET



2003-05-19 09:48:36 ET

Wow! That was quick. Congratulations.

2003-05-19 15:12:45 ET

much support here and love and happiness for you and your fiance`...
good luck
<3 sarah and alan

2003-05-19 18:01:56 ET

i need details. soon!!! ;)

2003-06-11 11:22:50 ET


frankly, Im shocked! :) hehe congratulations.

2003-06-11 11:24:40 ET

Calliope? Shocked... ermm... do I know you?

2003-06-11 11:26:08 ET

you did. but Im really no one. most people dont remember me.

2003-06-11 11:26:49 ET

I don't remember what I did this morning, so don't feel hurt.

2003-06-11 11:29:08 ET

I dont.

I like to think that a little while ago I helped you out. that is all the gratification I need. :)

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