2002-06-13 09:06:02 ET

Class is over now, and i"m drinking a nice bottle of vanilla coke. Well... just now I was CHOKING on a nice bottle of vanilla coke, but hey, it happens.

2002-06-13 10:27:22 ET


2002-06-13 13:14:28 ET

i can see why you were choking


2002-06-13 13:35:13 ET

ha ha

2002-06-13 17:54:26 ET

Vanilla coke isn't that great.

2002-06-17 07:26:53 ET

vanilla coke RULES
it is best when really cold

2002-06-17 11:44:40 ET

I tried it yesterday. It's okay, I was kind of hoping it would taste a bit creamier.

2002-06-19 13:23:12 ET

Vanilla coke tastes odd.

Bring back CLEAR PEPSI!

2002-06-19 21:02:22 ET

its kalled krystal-pepsi.

and thats just as g4g-c0r3 as vanilla coke

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