2003-07-09 05:48:54 ET

Le sigh. Time to move back home with my parents, since heather can't seem to find a job anywhere near this place. Ah well. She's going to Florida to live with her parents, and As soon as I'm done here, I'll be joining her down there. However, I have a job interview in the next week or so for something that will pay about 50,000 a year. Anyone heard of Micrographic Sciences Inc.? I'll be working for their senior software engineer.

2003-07-09 08:18:48 ET

You're lucky that's such a sweet job, 50 000 a year is craaaaazy, I make like 7 000 a year.

2003-07-09 14:43:03 ET

Damn! It sucks that you have to be apart from Heather, but at least you have the chance to be making good money.

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