2005-01-16 08:23:34 ET

Today, like every other day, I love my coffee. A joe above all others. If I could have a robot it would be making me coffee, and providing other "special needs". Then there would be no bitching about "we don't spend enough time together" or "why don't you show me you care?" Oh yeah, just thinking about the bitchin' wears me out. Later,Val

2005-01-16 08:40:16 ET

i could use one of these robots as well :)

2005-01-16 08:43:03 ET

I am here to serve *beep beep beep*

Mm coffee

2005-01-16 08:52:01 ET

as long as it opens jam jars and lifts heavy things i'm all for it

2005-01-16 09:14:26 ET

So, a coffee and fucking robot? I'm so in.

2005-01-16 09:16:51 ET

as long as it's not a coffee fucking robot....cuz that's the wrong kind of cream in the java

2005-01-16 10:11:37 ET

Funny, I had someone just say "YUM"! Of course it was a "she". I have a funny feeling that Gryf would name her robot "He-Man". The whole point in being, other than sex, what are men good for?
....if I tried to read her mind she'd say "entertainment". lol

2005-01-16 10:12:23 ET

Not trying to male-bash, it just seems to come out that way...lol

2005-01-16 13:58:47 ET

The Java Love-BotTM.

2005-01-16 14:34:51 ET

Love the name...wonder what startup costs would be? If based on supply and demand... Hell yeah! I'm in the money... Partners?lol

2005-01-16 15:18:19 ET

We could reduce it I think if we just dressed up Azmodan and Goat, among other willing workers, as robots and pimped them out.

2005-01-16 16:06:42 ET

I love the way you think. What I can't help but wonder if the factory is cheaper than the amount of money it would take to make those two look good!-----------------Oh yeah, they'll get me for that one!(I love you guys!) I'm just begging for trouble now, my coffee is giving me twitches... hard to type properly... or is that sex withdrawal? I'll never know.lol

2005-01-16 16:08:45 ET

You mean this isn't sexy?

2005-01-16 16:13:19 ET

no comment... liable to be shot on sight...lol

2005-01-16 16:36:46 ET

Dressing up like a robot, having sex with women AND making coffee!? I'M SO FUCKING IN.

2005-01-16 16:48:29 ET

I am indeed a sexy bitch now ain't I lol

2005-01-16 16:52:05 ET

yes,yes you are...lol ...

2005-01-17 18:18:08 ET

they usually open doors and warm up my cold feet....

but yes, you are learning my mind lil'sis...
scary place isn't it?

2005-01-17 18:52:37 ET

and.... i paid a $32 late fee..

please never trust me to drop off your rental movies again.
i suck at it.

2005-01-17 21:31:05 ET


2005-01-18 15:06:56 ET

you didn't have to... please teach me to be responsible and do it meself...lol...love yas...and thank you for helping me get into my lock running car...

2005-01-20 07:36:30 ET

Coffee is always good, lol.

2005-03-02 06:25:58 ET

dinner was so good last night!
val can COOK!!!!!!

i shall increase the cost of my raffle tickets accordingly.

2005-03-02 13:28:08 ET

inflation, gotta love it. wait no, it's supply and demand.lol darn the person who taught gryf economics. she's just being nice, she didn't have to cook. that's how you win her love. now if i could just get rid of her. lol(i love my sissy) she is reading as i'm typing, can't say anything right now. :-I lol so anyhow, will cook for sex, snuggles, (souls, slavery,sanity are being mentioned in the backround)lol, she has her fetishes. now, back to sales, how are we doing?(i can't stop laughing)lol

2005-03-02 14:09:20 ET

will cook for sex
I don't understand why you'd have to offer something in return. And most of the raffle participants would likely be happy to cook breakfast. ;-p

2005-03-02 16:16:01 ET

rephrase: will cook for REALLY GOOD sex...lol besides i don't think the "winning" participant would be able to walk when i'm through with 'em! ;-D

2005-03-02 16:20:44 ET

so then I should bring my wheelchair....for both of us

2005-03-02 16:30:28 ET

aren't we confident?! and accommodating! i don't know whether to worship you or worship the quicksand you walk on...lol

2005-03-02 16:32:30 ET

worship the quicksand I hover over.......

2005-03-02 16:40:22 ET

thou shalt be humbled.... by someone else...lol

2005-03-02 16:41:22 ET


2005-03-02 17:01:57 ET

the best food is what you didn't cook yourself.
the best sex is what you did ----- wait, that's not right....
sex with food... oh yeah. that is IT.

2005-03-02 17:03:15 ET

"we can lie like broccli"

2005-03-02 17:13:19 ET

couln't have said it better myself!lol

2005-03-02 18:29:05 ET

Who wants dessert?!? Lol.
All this food talk and stuff is making me a little ansy. See ya guys later!

2005-06-25 12:09:46 ET

Yeah...i need one of those robots when you find one!!!!

2005-09-12 09:48:43 ET

OMG! More Gryfin family members! It's an...invasion!

ok, this is late. shoot me already. ;)

oh, and welcome to sk dearie. :)

2010-03-13 19:01:23 ET

In case Val ever comes back:

"Welcome back to SK, also here is your complimentary spinning dong!"

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