just another day
2005-01-30 08:01:44 ET

the first thing through my head today was "here we go... again... ready for a brand new day?" usually i am annoyingly chipper in the morning. today was not that day. i felt like a 6 year old saying "do i have to?" unfortunately, i am not six, so yes, i have to. i just wanted to run over the old couple driving in front of me, and the idiot next to me needed to be pushed off the road. the speed limit was 45 and we were doing 30. oh yeah. just keeps getting better from there. arrive at work and there are 17 interviews needing doing, 12 sets of notes and data entry, one of my computer systems to enter into was down, and my relief shift had already called in; thus meaning i would have to stay here for a double. i love my job. i enjoy spending my entire weekend here, especially for 16 hours, it's such a treat that i am beside myself with happiness. i mean does it really ever get any better than this? I THINK NOT. so i pray that you all have a f*ck*ng beautiful day, and if you happen to see any roadkill... think of me...
I'm smiling... i promise...lol... just breathe... later-v

2005-01-30 11:05:31 ET

eh, it was relaxing and pleasant, but not f*ck*ng beautiful

2005-01-30 12:26:28 ET

You better be ready if you're gonna have a day like this, lol.
So just run over the old couple, push the idiot off the road, and tell them you are "one bad-ass motha f*ck*r" and move on to finish the gazillion interviews before 9:30 pm.
Call IT to fix the downed computer and give it a happy virus...
who is your relief shift today? call her back and say you're leaving the station at the end of your shift. *smirks* I'm going to get you into so much trouble if you listen to all of this I am saying, LMFAO!
At least you don't have my job and you NEVER get two weekends a month 26 weeks of the year! Geez-Loueez, I was better off joining the ARMY. ~NOT~

I answer you're prayer and I'm letting it Backfire so you can have the F*CK*ING beautiful day!
...and if you happen to see any roadkill...think of me..."
Thanks for the dinner, Hun! Looks like we're havin' some gluteous maximus roast tonight!!!!


better smile, damn-it...

2005-01-30 14:56:03 ET


2005-01-30 16:07:50 ET

did i ever mention... you are truly my hero phoenix... the day just got a whole lot prettier...lol*smile*... never met someone so sweet! lol/it's now 5 pm and i only have 7 more hours here. got any other cute pics? :-) later v

2005-01-30 16:38:21 ET

Wow, Ya think I'll stay up that late tonight to give you a call telling you to go HOME?!?

2005-01-30 16:43:17 ET

How about a little fire to cook up your trophy?

I like it.

2005-01-30 18:53:27 ET

Awwww... and on that note...


2005-02-02 07:41:00 ET

monkey toucher monkey toucher...

do what i do, create sims that look like the people that piss you off and then torture them over and over and over....

2005-02-02 13:52:36 ET

I remember having the sims... I miss it...

2005-02-06 15:09:32 ET

She put me up in a cabin without running water! What's that about?!?! Lol...

2005-02-07 14:41:06 ET

thought you'd like it there.

2005-02-10 09:55:23 ET

I like it, but you put me waaay up there!

You could've put me a little closer to your house, lol...

2005-03-02 13:56:42 ET

damn neighbors anyway.lol

2005-03-02 17:45:24 ET

At least I don't get caught on fire and run around til I roast to death!

2005-03-03 06:07:02 ET


(just kidding)

2005-03-03 18:29:14 ET

Ooh, I better put on some kevlar stuff (did I spell it right?)

2005-03-03 18:37:18 ET

there is no protection available with the current technology against the wrath of Gryfin on sims...good luck...she resurrected my ex over 40 times just to kill him again....in one weekend....lol

2005-03-03 18:44:45 ET

I was there (for an example), but I can use my Gryfinessence repellent! HA!
Are you playing on the computer again? ^_^

2005-03-03 18:53:46 ET

i've been wearin' it for years. i wish i'd known there wasn't a money back guarantee. and yes, i'm getting SK fixx. ;-)

2005-03-03 19:24:55 ET

Goooood !_!
I can't wait to go on a SK Binge with ya and have a few to relax! I may get interrupted and have to leave the laptop for a few to play some of my own games, lol....

2005-03-03 20:51:56 ET

always keep the drugs separated!lol

2005-03-03 21:12:18 ET

If you call a nice toy playtoy a drug - BRING IT ON!!!

2005-03-03 21:14:37 ET

remember that song by garbage? fix me now...

2005-03-03 21:18:19 ET

Oh yeah, as soon as the kids leave, we don't see the outside at all!
I want the song Falling something, you have it and you love it and I want it. Trampes and I really really like that song after hearing it in Anchorage a whole bunch. ^_^

2005-03-03 21:19:59 ET

falling? what? i have alot of music, do you remember more words?

2005-03-03 21:21:30 ET

I'm falling down (maybe the word down). It's on your favorite cd in your car when we stopped by Gryf's house.

2005-03-03 21:23:11 ET

breaking benjamin is the name of the band/ one cd/ the other is a mixture, i'll have to listen to them...

2005-03-03 21:29:46 ET

Please tell me the song so I can download it! BRB I'm taking Cheech back to the fair!

2005-03-03 21:35:31 ET

a lot of them have those words, i was very serious when i said i'd have to listen to them,lol, my style of music doesn't stray too far off from falling onto/into/down to anything.lol

2005-03-04 13:24:47 ET

breaking benjamins???

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