2005-02-24 13:31:04 ET

How to make a akvalleygirl

5 parts intelligence

3 parts self-sufficiency

3 parts instinct
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of emotion

Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com
Do you have any clue as to how big my head got reading that?! Can I get a HELLYEAH! WOOPWOOP! thank you for reading!

2005-02-24 13:40:02 ET

Hell Yeah! Take it off.. er.. I mean Whoop Whoop!

2005-02-24 15:51:33 ET

HELLYEAH! WOOPWOOP! Nudie time I mean....shit.

2005-02-24 20:49:50 ET

she's a bit 'frustrated' during the full moon

it's an alaska girl thing. our animal instincts or something...

2005-02-28 20:41:05 ET

so are you like, in the Tananna valley? Like...*ahem* fairbanks?

2005-03-01 21:48:17 ET

I'm the one in the Tanana Valley, being in Fairbanks. ak and gryf are both in Skankorage, lol. ^__~
Gryf, you should say she is really frustrated during the full moon. I know I've been a real horny bitch lately....
*looks both ways*

2005-03-02 06:12:15 ET

that's a new one for me....

my 'cycle' always follows the moon. but i'm usually a horny bitch anyway...
just like you.

2005-03-02 14:05:05 ET

wow. talk about falling off a subject, someone is jealous my COCKtail (lol) mix is good and not missing any INGREDIENTS! lol
and i'd definitely have to do quite a few shots of that for nudie time!lol...p.s. i'm always a horny bitch.
just like snow!;-o

2005-03-02 17:43:21 ET

Aren't we all.....
I heard someone say Skankorage one time and I thought I'd be a smart-ass and repeat it!

2005-03-03 10:46:35 ET

to be honest, you making fun of my home is ok, but insulting it sort of pi**ed me off. my first reaction was to do the same about your home, but i love you and thought i should probably give you time to explain. be a smart ass sis, i like that, but don't be a jerk please. on that note,whoever told you that....let me at 'em! i'll murderlize 'em! let me at 'em! lol

2005-03-03 18:28:35 ET

it was someone from Valdez by the name of Chad somebody.

2005-03-03 18:43:58 ET

he's toast. he's fleas on rats. with herpes. no, even better, herpagonasiphilaids. lol i know about names for places like PALMIDIA(PALMER)WASIPHILIS(WASILLA)ETC. they get better... i'm supposed to mention VALSLEEZE(VALDEZ) but that was toooooo close to my name. told gryf nope....lol

2005-03-03 18:45:52 ET

What's wrong with a little ValSleeze every now and then?

2005-03-03 18:47:26 ET

EeWWW! Wickedly Sick, Sick names! I was from Shitbucket for a long time, lol.
Those are some names. By the way - the pregnant Baby Sister is in Fairbanks right now; selling some arts and crafts stuff. I didn't see her yet, but she says she's veeerrrryyyyy busy manning the booth.

He said it! NOT ME!
*runs into bunker*

2005-03-03 18:54:45 ET


2005-03-03 18:55:14 ET

run, dear sister, run....lollolol

2005-03-03 18:55:21 ET


2005-03-03 19:10:43 ET


2005-03-03 19:23:41 ET

Hunnypot sounds better, but we all know how you got that name!
I'm running! ^_~

2005-03-03 19:26:41 ET

i still get the tundra yeti and tundra wookie confused...
which one is coastal? the yeti?

2005-03-03 19:27:35 ET


2005-03-03 20:53:07 ET

yetta, yetti, whattie?

2005-03-03 21:02:25 ET

Bigfoots that live in the snow.

2005-03-03 21:08:22 ET

in that case, it would be me. i have the biggest feet for girls in this family. now the hairy one would be...
(evil grin) ;-o

2005-03-03 21:10:22 ET


2005-03-03 21:15:45 ET

lolololololololol....i didn't say anything...lolololool

2005-03-03 21:16:23 ET

i shaved today, thank you very much, lol!!!

2005-03-03 21:21:37 ET

we are not talking about mustaches and beards lol(that's gryf);-)

2005-03-03 21:22:19 ET

I know, I was referring to my cute little feet and toesies!

2005-03-03 21:23:40 ET


2005-03-03 21:24:09 ET

I haven't heard toesies in a long time!lol

2005-03-03 21:28:31 ET

I'm super horny so words are just coming out of my mouth without thought, lol!!!

2005-03-03 21:37:15 ET

"toesies" and "horny", eh? more deprived than i thought you were...
*big smile*

2005-03-04 13:24:06 ET

Not deprived; I have a huge appetite and it needs to stay fed!
Lol, More like preparing for a huge marathon. We are getting more active than ever (and I'm not complaining one bit). I like it alot!

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