dear lord help me now...
2005-03-23 17:02:52 ET

I can't even begin to think, where to start, and can't help but wonder when the hell it's going to end. Coffee couldn't fix it, Gryf couldn't help it, and my girls(I have 2 now)just added to it. Now, don't get me wrong, I've got it all. Good family, good life... I could use more money, but then who couldn't? So I have a minor dilema. Why do I still feel this headache so strong? You know, the kind that makes your pulse feel like rolling thunder, swallowing your own saliva sends knives straight up to the top of your head, and trying to walk; well, f*** that. Out of the question unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

And that's the exact moment your mother calls.

If you can't already see it now, I can elaborate.(Some other time... my head still hurts...bad.)

Advice on this kind of day should anyone be so lucky:
1)Do not answer the phone.
2)Do not answer the door.

Pain killers do not work on this kind, so take nature's mean sense of humor, step back and laugh. Don't tempt fate and say "Bring it on!" or "What's next?" Just trust me and say "O.K. Thanks." You'll be able to laugh about it later. Sometime.

2005-03-23 18:00:23 ET


i have had those days as well. i tend to lock myself in my room with my head under the covers.


2005-03-23 18:06:17 ET

i'm sorry sissy. if i could do something more, you know i would.

2005-03-23 18:28:26 ET

Awwww... sorry sweetie. I hope that it goes away soon.

2005-03-23 18:28:30 ET

siren, i get a picture of a sexy chic holding onto a pink blanket in one hand,and holding a flashlight in the other trying to read under

2005-03-23 19:07:40 ET

I hope this is not a recurrant thing.

2005-03-25 04:52:04 ET


sometimes, it's hard to hold the flashlight :D

2005-04-21 12:06:08 ET

y'know you can usually relieve most tension headaches by applying some pressure to the webby aread between your thumb and index finger. you have to do it on your hand that's on the oppsite side of the headache (so like if the headache is on the right side of your head, use your left hand). it's like the only acupressure use i'm aware of, and i'm sure this is a day late and a few dollars short, but maybe it'll be of use next time.

2005-04-21 12:14:28 ET

it's the thought that counts...;-)

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