music helps...
2005-05-19 00:49:19 ET

so who has heard of trust company? not too shabby. you know, i noticed something, i only vent in my journals. how bad is that? so the positive lately is: my daughter is now 10, with fuscia hair(wild looking, but still very nice)new apartment, and now presently on the prowl. wisdom teeth pulled 12 days ago,all four. not much else to say. later guys, i miss you!

2005-05-19 05:05:45 ET

Yeah I have, they were pretty big for like one song back in the day, I've got one of their older cds. I haven't heard the new one.
I think thats the only reason about 9/10ths of the people here have journals, to vent, so don't feel too bad
I'm probably gonna have to have my teeth pulled before summer's over. yay.

2005-05-19 07:47:07 ET

get the drugs!Get The Drugs!GET THE DRUGS!!!!!!!

Do you understand?lol

2005-05-19 10:14:59 ET

yes I do. But I might have to drive myself back 2.5 hours, which makes me a sad panda and I may have to limit the drugs to a local.

My friend just got her's pulled like a week and a half ago, I've been mocking her and eating solid food right in front of her since. except now she's almost back to normal. curses.

2005-05-19 14:01:37 ET

Fuscia hair, that's so cute.
And damn me for not living in the AK.

2005-05-19 14:22:46 ET

that's pretty cool that you let your kids indulge on their hair like that.

and good luck on the prowling ;

2005-05-20 00:51:51 ET

Its about perspective, or maybe just old habits.

2005-05-20 01:46:15 ET

*smiles innocently*

prowling? never!

seriously, my daughter is a bit of a wild child at 10, and i don't want to hurt our honest relationship. i figure that letting her do something wild that isn't permanent, might just limit the amount of really wild things later on in life that might be. it does look good though!

2005-05-20 03:36:06 ET

if nothing else i'm sure it'll make her willing to be more honest with ya later in life when hard stuff comes up.

2005-05-20 08:29:06 ET

yeah, like we were?lol

2005-05-21 11:39:31 ET

actually i noticed most of my buddies who had parents like that were more willing to talk to them about what's going on and everything. they still didn't run home and tell 'em about how they got drunk and stoned last night or anything, but their parents at least had a reasonable clue of what was goin' on i think.

2005-05-21 22:10:10 ET

thank you. sometimes it's nice to hear that, especially when you worry all the time if you're doing the right thing. my mother questions my methods all the time... funny how the cycles either repeat or do 180 degree turns.

ok, family time over, i'm working at one of the hottest bars in town again... woo hoo! i missed it. working at a bar actually becomes the social life, and you get paid for it. i only drink occasionally, but when working there, even less. it's a martini/cigar kind of place with killer couches and cool art. it's also good for the ego, even if it is only for the summer.

2005-05-25 15:46:34 ET

no problem...just one more free service i offer.

2005-05-25 21:52:21 ET

where is a list of all the services you offer?
hehehe.... (gryf)

2005-05-31 13:05:40 ET

unfortunately a list of all the services is not one of the services i offer...

2005-06-25 12:07:51 ET

Trust Company kicks ass. They sound very similar to Tool. In fact that is an enfluence that the band admits to.

2005-10-16 07:46:48 ET

I thought I would post a reply since this is an older journal entry and my lovely sister hasn't had the time to update anything lately and she has been last on my buddy list for two straight months now!!! EERK, I think it's time to post on a couple more of her entries so I can add to her list of ongoing replies that she has to check-out if and when she logs on again!!!!
Ain't I a sweet and loving sister?!? Hehehe....

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