the ants go marching 2 by 2, hoorah, hoorah...
2005-06-25 10:19:41 ET

alrighty. it's a friggin' beautiful day, got stuff to do, coffee's awesome, cigarettes soothing(hack hack) and i am good.

but the sex drought is still raging on...

help. i lost my mojo.

2005-06-25 10:53:01 ET

not the mojo!!

2005-06-25 12:06:32 ET

ummmm. I love coffee and cigarettes! Dont worry the mojo always comes back.

2005-06-25 16:22:36 ET

sex droughts suck! but i feel your pain (i'm in the same boat myself right now)

2005-06-25 17:44:05 ET

everything will be ok, ur mojo isnt gone, its just..hiding or something, your a great looking girl so i duno what is up :D.
I as well am in the same drought...almost one yr and counting :(

2005-06-27 19:11:47 ET

ONE YEAR?! you'd be perfect! what's your number? ;-D (lmafo)

2005-06-28 17:22:04 ET

YES! An End to the Drought is NEAR!!!! hehe

2005-06-28 21:56:50 ET



2005-06-29 07:56:43 ET


2005-06-30 16:02:12 ET

i think someone got her mojo back...
or else she just forgot where she lived...

2005-07-06 22:55:36 ET

yup! now it's 'mojo on rampage'... the sequel!

2005-07-07 07:41:08 ET

Can i Star in that film? *grins*

2005-07-15 13:59:01 ET

the more, the merrier! now about the audition...*eyes you wickedly*

2005-07-15 22:51:35 ET

where do i sign up!? haha

2005-07-29 15:01:42 ET

Sisters included?!? ^_~

2005-10-16 07:50:12 ET

Damn, ran out of batteries again....
*goes to Costco*


Sis, you should recharge your mojo temporarily until it senses a good lookin' hottie!

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