2005-11-06 20:41:27 ET

finally, the long awaited,demand is supplied.
send hot pix plz k? thx.

2005-11-06 21:00:48 ET

*growls* now now now, dats what im talking about..haha
I like your new gallery shots too btw ;) very nice..haha
So beautiful and you dont even know it :P

2005-11-06 21:17:14 ET

now, now, i'm blushing;flustered and can't type now...
(took a long time to get that one line out right!)thanx cutie!

2005-11-07 03:36:44 ET

that's double the hot right there, most definitely.

2005-11-07 08:09:47 ET

you AZ girls need to come to AK and then we'd have a blast... or else we come there... in the warmth.. nice warm weather... warm winter weather...
what the hell was i thinking?
road trip val...

2005-11-07 08:14:42 ET

mmmmmmmmmmmm......warm..........good.........oh yeah, and coooll people.can't forget the cool people.(still stuck on the whole warm thing.)*smiles*

2005-11-07 09:04:47 ET

hehe warm indeed *winks*

2005-11-07 09:57:09 ET

*rowr* ;)

wondering if you were still around hehe

2005-11-07 10:34:45 ET

i'm still bummed about losing my fake nose piercing. all nice and sparkley...

2005-11-07 12:00:22 ET

i'm gonna assume that last line of the original post, "send hot pix plz k? thx" was meant towards all of us. and *i* for one wont keep you waiting.

but i warn you. this is like REALLY really hot. really. you'll be so impressed by the hotness you might look back at your own picture and think it's not quite as hot as this hotness is hot. or you might think ARGH that effin' bastard, why did i clink his stupid stupid link. yeah, you might think that too. but then by now you're probably curious enough to click it. 'cause i would be. but anyway i wanna finish up this comment before i start ramlbing on aimless because that would just be awful.

hot pic

2005-11-07 12:18:38 ET

*bows humbly* i am nothing...

2005-11-07 12:31:44 ET

must go to burning man....

2005-11-07 12:42:23 ET


2005-11-07 12:48:15 ET

you should road trip to az, it would be great, then we could raise all kinds of hell ... or you know, go have some beers and enjoy the warmth .... it's like between 75 - 80 degrees right now.

2005-11-07 12:53:51 ET

ouch. last i checked, IN the sun, it's zero. AZ is cool, i've only been to Bullshead though. if i were to go my poor ass couldn't until spring break, at the earliest. Gryf? well, me and oddgirl will babysit you. hellcat, would be a polite word to describe.

mmmmmmmmmmmm.warm beer.

2005-11-07 12:54:07 ET

i'll actually concur with madeeha on this one, you totally should.

although i will stipulate that you should also wait until a time in which i would also be there too.

2005-11-07 12:56:44 ET

ak in the az gang... cool! seriously i do get a buddy airfare thing with my miles.... so it wouldn't be tooo much... hmm..

2005-11-07 13:00:08 ET

you two should party down in Az between xmas and new years, and i'm mostly just saying that because it's when i'll next be there.

2005-11-07 13:01:39 ET

then you guys down there would have to figure out how to party up here in the 70f's like outside ac

2005-11-07 13:09:20 ET

well *I* get frequent flyer miles

2005-11-07 15:25:49 ET

and *i* should have more than three days off vacation time from work, and i could really take it in the summer time since that's when our numbers drop anyway.

2005-11-07 16:21:34 ET

ooooooooooohhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh! look out world,the truly demented,(all of them) have decided to take the long earned vacations!
let us pray...


2005-11-07 19:55:56 ET

haha i woudl road trip to see you all, but it would take me a week to get there and a week to get bak..haha

2005-11-07 23:24:51 ET

i love one night stands. but an airplane would give a time allowance to stay longer.
*giggles and runs to hide*lol

2005-11-08 02:08:26 ET

I think this should be done. it would be the highlight of my year.

2005-11-08 04:33:55 ET

thumbs up.
thx 4 the hot pix. A++.

2005-11-08 06:50:11 ET

i could get tickets ;) haha

2005-11-08 07:05:00 ET

gryf wanted to update all our pics, seeing as we normally run from the camera,(or were running from who was behind it, i dunno)
i'll be honest, i'm wearing a ton of paint, gryf is a-la-natural.(with clothes)

2005-11-30 12:08:52 ET

so... now when should i post some of our drunken pics....
when we get really fun.

2005-11-30 12:12:17 ET

i thought you just did that...
*evil grin

2005-11-30 12:13:23 ET

nah... you remember that one.
and i wasn't drunk.
i'm talking about the ones i like to think of as my future retirement fund... from when you marry some rich dude and have to pay me hush money.

2005-11-30 12:19:59 ET

no hush money necessary, i'll just fulfill your fantasy; tie you up,gag you, and throw you in the basement...

2005-11-30 12:21:01 ET

with many of my henchman...with toys of torture...

2005-11-30 12:26:25 ET

not your fantasy silly..
mine would involve a dog collar, a leash, and a pet...
i like to own things.

2005-11-30 12:31:50 ET

i know, i'm the one with the"being tied up" fetish.

even still, with the right person, i still think you'd like it...

any takers? two hot woman want to put collars on you, and then let you tie them up...
*slyly licking lips and playing a "flute"

2005-11-30 12:36:27 ET

i'd have to be 'owned' to be tied up....
gryfins in the wild refuse all such bindings with feral intensity.

2005-11-30 14:55:44 ET

hmm sounds interesting

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