wake up!
2005-11-08 07:23:33 ET

today, so far is much better. no wet-willie wake-ups, no arguing children, eggs and bacon. oh yeah, don't forget the coffee gods, and the nic addicts. today is cleaning day if it kills me. so i might not be singing the same happy tune later. and alanis m is the noise of choice this morning, as i get crankier, the music will get happier. lol tell me none of us here are Mood noise kind of people. i hope y'all have a good one too! ;-)

2005-11-08 09:07:12 ET

mmmmm eggs and bacon.... im envious.
*gives wet willie* YAR!
indeed, tunes make things much better :D
haha you said 'Ya'll', im from Ky and i dont even say that..haha

2005-11-08 09:09:50 ET

well, trying to be funny,so must've succeeded.lol
Hey, no willies!lol
*assumes battle position*

2005-11-08 09:14:39 ET

*makes sumo position* im no where near fat enough to be a sumo.. but i love wrestling like i am one....haha
*makes sumo noises as he stomps feet*

2005-11-08 09:19:30 ET

oh yeah? take that!
*runs at the speed of light to give a sumo wedgee*

2005-11-08 09:42:45 ET

oh boy...
*shakes head

2005-11-08 09:45:08 ET

ok mom. i'll stop fighting with the neighbor's kids.
(only after i pull his hair)

2005-11-08 09:55:50 ET

if you pull hair you have to scratch with fingernails and bite.
didn't i teach you anything?

2005-11-08 09:59:43 ET

well, i suppose when we come out to play tomorrow, i can pull a mike tyson. but the sharon stone move will have to wait until nails are longer. i thought you also taught me to play with my food, not gobble it all up in one sitting.
*smacks chops*

2005-11-08 11:39:53 ET

oooh! a fight! can i be like Mickey from rockey??

"okay, now stick and move kid, stick and move! you gotta float like a butterfly and sting like when i pee!"

...or something like that.

2005-11-08 13:23:00 ET

"if you pull hair you have to scratch with fingernails and bite.
didn't i teach you anything?

You mean they call that fighting? I thought that was foreplay?

2005-11-08 13:35:11 ET

yessssssssssss!lookie who made it! i'm about to beat the sumo dude! in public!
*dances around the ring

2005-11-08 13:52:26 ET

Go Veeee!!!

2005-11-08 14:02:39 ET

it is phoenix... she gets those two confused sometimes.

2005-11-08 17:21:08 ET

someone mention foreplay and wet willies?

2005-11-08 18:23:08 ET

eh now, a hot girl beating the shit out of me.... WHILE scratching and pulling my hair? At least smack my arse while your doing it, ;).
One requirment though, if you scratch, you must bite ;) tiss my favorite thing :D.

2005-11-09 06:50:38 ET

note to self: set up web cam and pay per view

2005-11-09 07:09:13 ET

becareful what you wish for,i bite pretty hard.
*evil grin

2005-11-09 07:23:36 ET

Bite me, Bite me....hehehe!


2005-11-09 08:08:56 ET

gryf! not snow too!

2005-11-09 08:14:12 ET

notice she doesn't say it to me...

2005-11-09 08:15:52 ET


2005-11-09 08:17:18 ET

come on you so have to admit if she said bite me, you would...... draw blood.....


2005-11-09 08:59:56 ET

i have came home with bruises and teeth marks before miss valley, so do ye worse ;) just be aware of how much that smit turns me on... and i dont think you want my bedroom personality to come out and play :P

2005-11-09 10:17:05 ET

umm......how about them white sox?

2005-11-09 11:02:55 ET

haha good change of convo :P

2005-11-09 11:34:37 ET

'white soxs' in mary jane shoes with a plaid skirt and a whip.
*re-directs conversation back to nookie.... and biting

2005-11-09 12:31:36 ET

me and a coupla my friends had a joke on the subject of biting that basically said if it doesn't bleed, it doesn't count.

discuss amongst yourselves

2005-11-09 15:42:10 ET

grrrrrr.... and then the frustration begins again....
*starts biting pillow

2005-11-09 17:25:32 ET


2005-11-09 20:07:06 ET

I call bleeding being 'fanged'. Biting is like.. bruises and bite marks.... fanging is muuuuuch more fun though..hehe.
are you ok Valley? *tilt head to side, showing side of neck*

2005-11-10 07:08:25 ET

*assumes attack position again*

2005-11-10 07:50:32 ET


2005-11-10 07:52:39 ET


2005-11-10 09:15:24 ET

*assumes sumo stance* HIHATCHI!

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