today is the day...
2005-11-09 10:25:36 ET

I want candy!*hums tune*
I want candy!*hums tune*
I hate cleaning!*hums tune*
I hate parent/teacher conferences!*hums tune*
What to make for dinner?*hums tune*

get the picture?

2005-11-09 11:38:21 ET

now i wanna sniff some glue....

i would like some bear tooth pizza for dinner since school lets out early.

2005-11-09 11:46:25 ET

Moose's tooth ftw.

2005-11-09 12:28:42 ET

I just don't get it.... the reason your singing AND the alaskan pizza references o_0

2005-11-09 13:02:11 ET

bear tooth, same pizza and beer as moose tooth but with movie. that place pwns.

2005-11-09 13:04:11 ET

I just like that cool little corner at Moose's Tooth with the lava lamps.

2005-11-09 13:05:28 ET

hell yea!
so when you coming back up here?

2005-11-09 13:16:31 ET

Nina Simone

2005-11-10 02:49:04 ET

yep, Candy for dinner.

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