2005-11-30 07:45:16 ET

wow.now that EVERYONE can see my little dirty wild side, i'm wondering if i have any any mystery left to offer. i swear i'm really not... ah hell. i'm still in shock, i shouldn't be. i mean i was at my best friend's birthday, close friends only, so i think it's ok that sk friends see it too. so in support of this, all my sk friends need to post something somewhat similar, please, to ensure i'm not the only one walking to school naked.

2005-11-30 08:06:46 ET

I farted on a cop once ... it was a fake fart ... but the beating wasn't...

2005-11-30 08:27:54 ET

fu**in' beautiful! i want to propose now...


2005-11-30 09:26:07 ET

My mom-in-law helped us pack up the last time we moved.
We forgot to pack our dildos and vibrators and whips before she helped us pack the blankets and sheets from the bedrooms, lol.

She left the bedroom area and went straight to the kitchen, thinking that will be a "safer" place to help us pack our things.

2005-11-30 10:09:52 ET

i'd have loved to see the look on your face if she had done something naughty with it... right then right there...

2005-11-30 11:10:13 ET

Ooh, I think I'd die first, then turn beet red!!!

2005-11-30 11:11:04 ET

like if she just oh...
should i go on? or are you mortified enough?
(i love being mean)

2005-11-30 11:13:39 ET

Keep going...I'll tell you when I start going into cardiac arrest, lol...

2005-11-30 11:21:07 ET

lick. that is such a good word.
smell is too.

think val is throwing up yet?

2005-11-30 11:23:36 ET


Umm, my heart skipped a few beats, but yeah - I think she's gettin' ready to heave!!!

EWWWWW!!!! Okay, that's enough. We didn't have a chance to "clean up" so to speak...BoDussy anyone?!?!?

2005-11-30 11:28:17 ET

i could keep going....

2005-11-30 11:29:56 ET

Please do...we have Medics somewhere in this building!!! ^_~

2005-11-30 11:30:40 ET

ak - Propose to me or the cop? Prolly the cop... the man always wins in the end.

2005-11-30 11:34:34 ET

TGMT - i guarantee it's the gasser not the gassee that she likes...
plus someone that could take a beating..

2005-11-30 11:39:28 ET

and love it...

2005-11-30 12:02:47 ET

how can i comment when i can't stop laughing!?

2005-11-30 12:03:27 ET

especially with puke up my nose...

2005-11-30 12:03:56 ET

hehe that sexy talk will get you far val..

2005-11-30 12:10:37 ET

you're my sister...blaaaauuuuuuuuu...you're my sister...blaaaauuuuuuuuu...

2005-11-30 12:23:01 ET

Are you kidding? My whole journal is a bunch of things I don't want anyone knowing except the people here. Anyhow...is your journal public or not? *testing the waters*

2005-11-30 12:26:54 ET

only recently, i may be drinking a little too much when i go out, and i find myself in some peculiar/amusing/almost embarrassing moments...

2005-11-30 13:52:53 ET

I'll see if I can dig up an embarassing picture to contribute to your cause...

2005-11-30 14:13:35 ET

hmm...i might have one embarassing jake-photo flying around. but that'd mean i'd have to show my face again too.

2005-11-30 15:49:45 ET

That's about as embarassing as it gets in photo form. If you want to witness my blackmail worthy piece, just listen to Gage on Sykoradio.

2005-11-30 21:39:19 ET

adorable. can you be my pet.

2005-12-01 02:42:37 ET

Well it depends. Would crazy Alaskan sex be part of my duties as a pet? ;]

2005-12-01 05:54:37 ET

duty duty duty duty duuuutttyyy
(gir voice)

2005-12-01 07:45:48 ET

duty duty dirty duty....duty duty spicy duty...duty duty naughty duty...hmm...naughty duty naughty duty naughty duty...
(gryf's gir voice)

2005-12-01 08:16:42 ET

darlin', if you can make coffee too... breakfast, lunch, and dinner... afternoon snack, dessert, midnight snack...
and that's just me, i can't speak for the others, they train their pets differently.

2005-12-01 09:17:27 ET

don't forget personal trainer...cuz that's a lot of snack times...lol.

2005-12-01 10:41:52 ET

y'know Valley, every pet i ever had i always had to cook for it, clean up after it, periodically give it baths, take it out for walks, play with it and all that.

sounds to me like it's you that wants to be negated's pet.

2005-12-01 11:18:00 ET

Yeah, she wants him to pet her until she purrs, like a kitty.

2005-12-01 12:11:37 ET

foiled again.damn.you guys are just too smart
*note to self: must find a way to remove That part of the brain.

i wouldn't exactly describe the sound as a "purr"...

2005-12-01 12:17:37 ET

actually with most guys it's pretty easy to remove, or at least disable that part of the brain. just show 'em your boobies.

with the rest. well, carry a picture of david hasselhoff.

2005-12-01 12:23:00 ET


would it still work if i showed them some one else's boobs? like,say, to a strip club? i would like to truly fry those cells properly...(before they become mine)...

2005-12-01 12:25:19 ET

yes. if you ever take a guy on a first date to a strip club, it sends a *VERY* powerful message to him...which will never make it as far as the brain because the penis is guaranteed to intercept said message.

2005-12-01 12:33:15 ET

perfect. now just, which one? hmmmmmmmm....

2005-12-01 12:49:33 ET

You'll definitely make somethin' swell up with that message, lol...

2005-12-01 13:48:06 ET

You guys are real crazy.

2005-12-01 14:33:54 ET

I LOVE strips clubs as first dates ... especially the all nude ones :D

I don't know if I have any embarassing moments ... Let me think about this and get back to you ...

2005-12-01 16:08:50 ET

I got caught wanking it by one of my roommates once. Used to really mortify me to remember it, but now, 'eh.

2005-12-01 16:18:05 ET

okay...i can't say i'm particularly embarassed about these, but at the very least they could potentially considered embarassing to a normal-type person.

2005-12-01 16:32:01 ET

nice ass.. but jake, aren't you supposed to get the girl's crotch wet?

2005-12-01 16:34:19 ET

Heh, how can anything be embarassing with an Evo in the background?

2005-12-01 18:10:12 ET

my thoughts exactly buddy.
i wouldn't let you back in the car with that mess ;-)

*creaming pants for nice car*

2005-12-01 18:30:35 ET

Hey why don't you go cream your pants somewhere else?! Like on my page ;]

2005-12-08 19:46:51 ET

and it's jake's face again. what. no smiley face over it?

I have something slightly embarrassing ... when the termite guys were here a couple months ago, they were putting the pesticide down in the living room, and one of them happened to look over at our large stack of pornographic movies sitting next to the tv that we'd forgotten to put away before they got there. that was a pretty awkward moment.

2005-12-08 20:06:33 ET

i'm so glad you pointed that out...
(hurridly copies photos)
jake, one day you will meet a friend of mine... photoshop.

2005-12-09 21:14:03 ET

lookie lookie what i made

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