GRYFIN M...H...!?!
2005-12-31 02:57:27 ET

gryf's been playing with my journal... i just got back from a 700 mile road trip. my butt is numb. the house is empty, and i'm going to crash now. oh, by the way, i love you all.

i think.

*scratches head/light bulb burns out* ;-)

2005-12-31 05:54:12 ET

numb butt is a funny funny concept

2005-12-31 06:58:07 ET

bewbs. >_>

2005-12-31 10:38:19 ET

I hate when my labia fall asleep.

Where'd ya go?

2005-12-31 13:00:34 ET

Yea! where ya been?

2005-12-31 15:54:05 ET

she went to pick up a guy for a christmas gift...
not for me. he's not my type. and i don't take leftovers (i know his ex)
meanwhile... she slept ALL DAY LONG on the couch and so now it's late and we still don't know what to do.

2006-01-02 04:18:49 ET

happy new years!

2006-01-04 09:06:49 ET

so if i poke you - you won't notice?
Hehehe....goes to get a walrus boner (eskimo baseball bat) and spanks akvalleygirl!
*runs away with my walrus boner*
until next time: don't let butt fall asleep!

2006-01-04 11:34:31 ET

umm...snow, did you just do your sister in the butt with a walrus's phallus?

2006-01-04 12:32:31 ET

no, I asked if I poke her, will she notice. assuming the answer was no, due to numbness.
So, I just spanked her with a walrus's innerphallus. without the inner, the phallus is nothing.
I didn't want to give her that much enjoyment if I did her, which I won't, cuz she ain't that special yet.
Now, if Gryfin decides to ever visit me, I might consider her special enough to get a walrus Eskimo Baseball Bat. Hehe

2006-01-04 15:13:00 ET

oosik... like the beer.

2006-01-05 07:18:34 ET


2006-01-16 09:04:17 ET

ok, i have decided that if you visit me you should bring me a boner.
this will go for any visitor....
yep... that will make it much more interesting around here i am willing to bet...

2006-01-16 09:07:07 ET

and it will be a very nice conversational centerpiece - I know this from previous experience and true conversations, lol.

2006-01-16 09:11:25 ET

i think telling everyone i have a boner from my sister.. or that my sister gave me her boner or gave me a boner or... and it's on the wall ..
that alone will start many conversations...

2006-01-16 09:35:10 ET

very true!
putting sister and boner together does raise a few questions...

2006-01-16 14:37:03 ET

Questions, eyebrows, expectations, I'm sure something will get raised.

2006-01-17 07:01:55 ET

LMAO, but of course!

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