2006-03-10 14:09:14 ET

this is gryfin.. i took advantage of knowing val's password so i could make a post and have all three of us in a row!

2006-03-10 14:11:46 ET


2006-03-10 14:12:26 ET

Awe - that's so sweeet!!!!
Would I know her password too?!?

2006-03-10 14:58:36 ET

I want you to have my password too... I know you would only put it to christian use...

2006-03-10 19:59:12 ET

and i was gonna comment about how odd it is to see the sisters three in a row.

2006-03-10 20:16:50 ET

... this looks wierd on my buddy list... like a sign of the apocalypse

2006-03-23 11:28:13 ET

lol i only find out 2 weeks later...lol

2006-03-23 11:33:56 ET

u guys remember the three sisters from shaw shank?

2006-03-23 11:37:58 ET


2006-03-23 11:57:51 ET

the three men men in shawshank redemption who kept raping the main character. eventually he won the favor of the guards and the head guard hurt the leader so badly that he could never use his legs again. an awesome depiction of getting one's come uppance (sp?)

2006-03-23 12:00:13 ET

i really need to see that movie.

2006-03-23 12:05:45 ET

lol thanx, i think...lol

2006-03-23 12:06:38 ET

can i still keep my legs?...

2006-03-23 12:07:11 ET


2006-03-23 12:09:43 ET


2006-03-23 12:12:44 ET

that took you long enough! lol i'm actually blushing with embarrassment now..lol

2006-03-29 22:07:24 ET

http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d193/Daniger/fiend.jpg there is that link to the picture you liked... now you have it... if you log back in...
and... all your passwords are base to us..

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