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2006-11-21 16:29:34 ET

i'm told i've been in the bottom of yall's pages for a while. so what's new? everyone is married 'cept me. my brother tony is getting married even. the thug, the jailbird, getting married.

i'm now going to make a wedding sack.

if you don't know what i'm talking about, too bad for you.

i have gone through 8 guys since july. i am apalled. i don't have any idea what to do. i'm not doing anything wrong, just being me. either i get tired of them, or them me. but usually it's me walking away. i like making sure the guy gets one last great view OF MY ASS. lol gryf and jake just look at each other and laugh, silently acknowledging with awe the speed at which i move.
i always have a back up plan. i never sleep alone, and contrary to popular belief, i don't fool around with all in my harem.

but i plan to.

and now to pick which one to take to my brother's wedding...

2006-11-21 18:14:03 ET

I am still unmarried. woo hoo.

2006-11-21 18:27:23 ET

take TWO guys.

2006-11-21 19:25:47 ET

haha You're just a man-woman ;) j/k

Don't fall for the marriage pressure. It'll happen when it happens.

2006-11-21 22:04:45 ET

2006-11-22 06:48:44 ET

Val, you are just too much of a manizer, lol.
Like my hubby said: just show up with two guys, one on each arm and act like Hugh Heffner (spelling?).

Give Tony a big hug from me too!!! Don't cry too hard and make sure to take plenty of pictures with your camera and e-mail them to me. And don't forget to take a picture of his little bundle of joy (I mean not so little anymore) too! I know her middle name is your mom's name, but I forgot the first name already.

LMPAO! I love the comic!!!!

2006-11-22 17:01:24 ET

2 guys eh? sadly, i am one of the few people who could pull it off. a bit of history for those who don't know me, i have gone drinking one night with 3 exboyfriends and the flavor of the week. and no drama. recently even. they always come back. the "just friends" thing. i'm good at that. it's the relationship part is the hardest. i can't separate lust and love. lust usually wins.

2006-11-28 10:52:43 ET

Its the attitude.

The taking pride in the ability to do what you have done, and are doing. The mention that Jake and Gryf are amazed by the speed in which you move, the mention that you like them to get one last look of your ass, and down to the mention of going drinking with 3 ex-boyfriends and the "flavor of the week." Being able to keep it drama free. And the mention of being good at the entire "just friends" thing.

It is the decision between love and lust. However, I cannot say that when you do take the guys home that you may not have the idea in your head that you're going to make a great couple, as opposed to merely having the idea of sex within your mind. As -- I am not you. But -- in saying that you don't know what is wrong with your relationships, but then continue to use terms such as "conquests," "flavor of the week," etc -- doesn't lead one to exactly take your desire for a "good" relationship all too seriously.

What's the hardest part of the relationship? Not getting annoyed/tired of them? What exactly gets old? Why is it always a break up -- yet, you are able to remain friends? Were/Are the issues that caused the break-ups fixable? What is the general connection throughout the entire duration of the relationship -- is it simply lust/sex, or various interests that you both share and are able to connect on a more than physical level?

In mentioning that you're appalled at going through 8 guys since January -- it seems that you do actually want a good relationship. But, then bringing other things you bring up seem as if you take pride in what you have done.

Thus -- is why I say it lies greatly within attitude.

2006-11-28 16:05:05 ET

ok. ouch.
breaathe val. here goes.

this is not as easy as i thought it was going to be.

nothing is fixable with any ex. what's done is done, i learned. every man i have cared for does have admirable attributes, but not the entire package. something was always missing. maybe my fault, maybe theirs; no ones. hence, we remain friends due to the respect, attitude, and fact that a relationship was built with friendship first. take lust out of the picture, that's what's left. and i honestly didn't notice they were all my exes, until someone (who's known me for YEARS) commented about the company i was keeping that evening.

the ones that were trying to make me cry, or hurt, or pine away for just them the rest of my life; those ones get to see my happy little ass skip off with a smile. i will never let a man do that to me; BEEN THERE DONE THAT. i'm not jaded, i do put my heart into it, left to dangle, but i refuse to let it be sharkbait.

and lastly, some of these 'conquests' never even got a kiss, a second date, and even fewer get the 'cash and prizes.'

i don't want my pathetic love life to make me cry. the fact that i am alone, doesn't bother me, i like me. but i am somewhat lonely. so i use terms such as "flavor of the week' to lighten an actual depressing subject. a different way of putting a sad truth. thanx for the salt.

and those who judge me for it can go to hell. i only explain my self to those whose opinions actually matter to me; JEFF.

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