2006-11-26 12:35:47 ET

i had food poisoning yesterday. ick. ok now, sort of. i used gryf's coffee cup. only cuz i had been sick am still alive to tell the tale...

2006-11-26 16:38:03 ET

so you're saying you got food poisoning from gryf's coffee cup? eeewwww food poisoning isn't any fun =( i'm glad you didn't die =D

2006-11-26 18:05:12 ET

she filled my coffee cup with pink cake frosting.

2006-11-27 07:01:45 ET

So she's a wimp for not enjoying a sugar high properly?!? LMAO!

2006-11-27 13:13:27 ET

well, the frosting was DRIED in my cup.

2006-11-27 16:14:28 ET

i'm thoroughly confused.

2006-11-27 18:59:06 ET

so ... she ate dried pink frosting out of your coffee cup ... the same frosting that she put in the coffee up (before it was all dried up?) ....

why pink frosting?

2006-11-27 20:25:33 ET

she made a wedding cake and used MY coffee cup to mix pink frosting in, its not like we dont have TEN bowls right there, right where the cups are.... and it's not like MY cup isn't special aka different.
then... she LEFT the pink frosting in my cup overnight so it hardened into cement. i washed my cup yesterday, it was not fun.

2006-11-28 07:14:59 ET

Sounds like val to reach for the most wanted item in sight to mix pink frosting in, lol...
But if she waited long enough, the coffee would've reconstituted the frosting and then she would have some very yummy and sweet coffee with heavy creamer!

Not fun on scrubbing and acidifying dried pink frosting from a coffee cup...

2006-11-28 07:32:10 ET

dude... sis.. there was NO coffee in this story. only my "cute but psycho" coffe cup.
it was clean and where it is supposed to be, living in the cabinet with its friends, the other coffee cups. the bowls live next to it and i still don't see why she didn't grab one of those instead. *shrug.. but whatever. it's no worse than when you would dirty up 10+ dishes to make a single skillet meal. i never got that one either. you messy cookers.

"using my cup once a year is still too often" me to val during the talk about this.

(and yes, i still love you both)

2006-11-28 07:45:31 ET

LOL, I know it was clean to begin with, but why did she take it in the first place? That's like the talk we had with Trampes about the 'please don't get a drink of water with my bunny mug...darn it - you did anyway!' thing last year.

Dirtying 10 dishes to make food is my signature.....not!
I've gotten a lot better at that whole deal now that I'm an "urban mom" and have a time schedule too!

2006-11-28 08:06:07 ET

alright guys, really i must tell you that the last time she used the damn thing was A LONG EFFING TIME AGO. lol i didn't look. i just grabbed the first and second cups to hold my mixing spoons.

i don't remember the last time she made coffee. AND i have to have my own coffee maker because i make "flavored coffee" and she can still taste it. and yes, a tad, but not enough to make the big deal. she says i'm

2006-11-28 09:16:18 ET

actually i usually don't use it for coffee, i use it whenever i want a drink of anything and the DIRTY TRUTH...
I DON'T EVER WASH MY CUP. i may rinse it out but there is no washing involved. ever. i use it and put it back in it's spot and that is why i say don't use it. the end.

i have my own special bowl too.

2006-11-28 09:34:24 ET

you guys crack me up.

2006-11-28 09:56:23 ET

Which is why Trampes said, "eh." after you told him you never wash it! He's like you in a sense know what i mean.

I, on the other hand, would be totally offended for my stupidity of picking up your 'dirty' cup and using it, before you warn me! ;-D

2006-11-28 12:25:34 ET

sometimes you guys make me wish i had siblings ....

then again ... if i used a dirty cup ... i dont think the other sibling would survive.

2006-11-28 15:38:29 ET

haha. actually gryf is for life, i'm for entertainment, snow... well, when she writes her own cook book, we get free copies. lol i love them all. most of the time. and vice versa.;-)

2006-11-29 06:48:08 ET

I feed the ones that burn food, lol.... ;-)

2006-11-29 07:22:31 ET

mmmm food

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