2007-10-18 18:33:38 ET

this is not val.. nope not at all.
i'm updating for her.

val has moved away from anchorage to sitka and has NO internet access.

i laugh at her.

anyway, she moved off cause she met this boy and he kinda stole her heart. it's rather a sweet sappy kinda story that you'll just have to hit her up for details. however, i will share with you the current update.

she is knocked up and will pop spawn for aries... (march/april)

his family is very happy and excited. part of her family is, part isn't. we just hope it all works out and that it has a happy ending type storyline. there are a few concerns but overall i think it could be fine.

also, so far the names picked out change daily but i will say that 99% of them suck. let's hope they end up with a good one before it's born.

so cheers to a healthy baby!

2007-10-18 19:40:55 ET

Yay for awesome crazy passion! And congrats on the kido :)

Tell her to name him "hoss" if it's a boy and "hass" if it's a girl. j/k

2007-10-18 22:02:02 ET

i still like No.

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